Interactive non-narrative experience

Poetic Cosmicity is an Universe


Perception associated with the "blind effect" characteristic of the VR, reconstructs the reality and leads us to what we usually call, Illusion.
Poetic Cosmicity uses abstraction as a form of representation and therefore refers us, immediately, to an "out of reality"
dimension, where the memory of the real does not exist, and does not lead us.
We enter into a scenic world, an imaginary.
The VR allows me, to give the user the experience of objects, that have no physical existence
in the real world, 
They are constructions of an imaginary, that becomes virtually present, asking the user 
simultaneously passivity and activity so that he, with his choices, builds his sensory
experience, as a consequence of his look and his behaviour. 
It is an unique experience,  with different forms of involvement, of immersion and intensity.
It is an unique experience, in the sense that everything that is in the visual field of the user, the "visual object" that he builds, 
 is the consequence of his interactivity will not be possible to be repeated.

This interactive videoart installation is based on experimental video animation generated with an experimental software.

OCULUS RIFT or compatible

Videos/objects are in two concentric rings.
The circles turn each one in the opposite direction to the other.
The video/objects from the inside circle are red and have all the same subject. 
The out circle video/objects are multicolour and with no common subject.
All video/objects are translucide and the two circles generate lots of overlapping video/objects.

This installation allows the user to directly affect the sequence or environment or point of view by their own action throught an hidden interaction - his own look

When your look stop over a video/object, it will begin to come to you, and if you continue it will include you inside the object, and then it will return to its place.
If you look to an object, it will begin to came, but if your look turn to another point of the installation, it will return to its place.

The user will have to make the choice, between more than twenty video/objects, that will be running with a lot af possibilities/probabilities of overlapping, generate different visuals, every user will have it's one video/objects overlapping creation.


Created/directed/produced by                        Anabela Costa
Music by                                                        Frédéric Mathevet " Vaccum Geometry "


Image generation and Video animation         by     Anabela Costa

Application development and programming by        Tiago Faria

Application development and modelling       by       Nuno Costa
Special thanks to etic_The Lisbon,(Portugal), School of technology, Innovation and Creation

©Anabela Costa 2019

video at https://vimeo.com/286511648