LIVING ART _ Installation - interactive - behavioral
about complexity and critical states.
using the representation of movement - Animation - as its main asset

It uses the metaphor of the phase change from liquid to gaseous state. 
The moment of transition is a time of criticality. 
The work involves the viewer in Critical change of system states, in search of criticality, which escapes him indefinitely.

LIVING ART - Installation comportementale interactive sur la criticité et l’état critique.
Utilise la représentation du mouvement - Animation - comme discipline d'expression.

Installation au sujet de l’état critique.
Elle utilise pour cela la métaphore du changement de phase, de l’état liquide à l’état gazeux.
Le moment précis de la transition est un moment de criticité.
L’œuvre Critical implique le spectateur dans le changement d’états de l’installation, à la recherche de la criticité, qui lui échappe indéfiniment. 

Ce projet est réalisé 
- avec le soutien du Cube, centre de création numérique
-avec la production ART3000/LE CUBE, avec le développement informatique : Atelier de création du Cube
-en partenariat avec l’équipe AVIZ de l’INRIA, qui a mis à disposition de l’artiste le logiciel ArtiE-Fract avec lequel la représentation métaphorique  du moment de criticité est généré.



The work is divided in three parts - depending on the states of matter . 

There is a motor for each different expression, as a metaphor.
From a visual standpoint, I will focus two different worlds:

-  LIQUID and GAS environment- in moving image:

Video animation will be present in Special Effects, 2D animation.

So that the construction of movement by animation, which is particular to each state of matter,  will strengthen the discourse and will be a part of it.

Liquid state in small screen and Gas in full screen.

LIQUID representation is a very calm blue movement.

It's the first video, which runs in a small window, in order to try and capture the viewer's attention. When approaching to the small video (an artistic expression object) to see it, then an hidden digital camera will detect faces by standing in front. 
This proximity will be variable according to site specific implantation.

When detection will occurs it launches the



 - PHASE TRANSITION critical state, in full screen:

Videos are very short large flashes of only 12 frames, in order not to be seen, but to be felt.

Based on movement- the Metaphor of a critical moment, like something that happens suddenly and briefly and can not be caught!

Also based in the Metaphor of the look of an Art Piece, from a cognition point of view-every time we look to the object it will occur changes, every time different, because we always will have different experiences (large range of very different videos and sounds) as we also have different personal experiences.

Video animation/sound-

These moving images of shapes generated by the software ArtiE-Fract are in another graphic and representational universe, very different from the other ones.

As a choice, the projection window is in full screen and has colour and opacity. It aims to strengthen and give emphasis to the critical state, the installation core.

The software then randomly selects video and sound, from a large choice of more than 200 videos and a SOUND design always accompanies the critical phase, and will be a very important element that will help to define and giving more strength to the action.

This phase only will have place, if just triggered by the spectator-user.
 CRITIC STATE 4/224 videos



GASEOUS  STATE -another order

when the users go out of the reach of the camera detection, they give place do another video-with a frenetic movement, in full scale, which metaphors:

-another state of matter
-and also another way of understanding the artistic object, another movement.

                                                                     GASEOUS STATE